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Language is more complicated than it seems!


Language identifier

Paste some text and find the language.

Online Spell check

Spell check in 15 languages for online content.

Semantic relationships


What do airplane, bird and helicopter have in common?

Terminology Extraction

Paste some text and get the terminology!

Translator map

Our network of linguists

Language API


Make managing your multilingual content automatic.

Spoken Language Identifier


Identify the language of an audio recording or stream

Readability Analyser

Ease-of-reading analyzer.

Translation Party


find the equilibrium

Meeting Recorder for Business


record, search and trascribe your meeting (mobile app)

Information on the Labs 


The Translated Labs (T-Labs) are a research centre where IT experts and linguists work to teach computers to express themselves like humans.

The T-Labs are Translated’s innovative core.

On these pages you will find some of the tools we are developing.

What we are working on

TRANSLATED is a language services provider. Its success stems from applying information technology in the translation sector.

Technology to improve the quality of professional translation processes is being developed and tested in the T-Labs.

The most important areas of research are:

  • Bilingual Sequences Extraction from the web
  • Semantic search
  • Statistical Machine Translation
  • Multilingual Web Architecture and Usability
  • Translation Workflow Automation
  • Language Modelling
  • Data Mining and Web Information Retrieval
  • Automatic classification of unstructured data

I want it!

The T-Labs mainly produce technology for Translated and not final users.

Some of the technology we are developing has direct applications in many other sectors such as e-business, intelligence and automation of business processes.

Translated has not turned its applications into products but we can help you achieve your objectives through our consultancy services.

Find our contact details on the contacts page contacts.

I could do better

If you think you could improve these applications, if you are passionate about information retrieval, natural language processing, machine learning or artificial intelligence in general, you have come to the right place. Send us your CV