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Information on the spell check 


This spell checker analyzes in real time the text entered by you to find possible spelling mistakes. It is able to suggest possible corrections in more than 20 languages. What is more, if the AUTO function has been chosen, it can identify the language being used by employing our language identifier.

Why have we developed this?

Translated has developed this technology to allow its project managers to check for spelling mistakes in translation projects, irrespective of the languages they themselves understand.

We are using this technology to improve the usability of our content management systems, newsgroup and forums where often the content is created without correction tools.

It is also used to improve the quality of our automatic translator.


The interface is based on AJAX. It carries out asynchronous calls to our web correction service based on open source technology Aspell and on an idea of Emil A Eklund. The interface manages graphic and formatted content (Rich Text Format).

The dictionaries are fed and improved by users through a collaborative model similar to Wikipedia, and are revised by our translators.

We hope to be able to include soon an automatic correction function thanks to the integration of a factored language model which can choose the suggestion best suited to the context.

I want it!

If this technology interests you, please read more on Translated Labs and our services for natural language processing.

I could do better!

If you think you could improve these applications, if you are passionate about information retrieval, natural language processing, machine learning or artificial intelligence in general, you have come to the right place. Send us your CV